Baby Hazel Rapunzel Mini Games

Baby Hazel Rapunzel Mini Games is a fascinating dress up game which is playable on pbs the game. Come along to enjoy tons of fun games including Puzzle, Hidden, Word Games, Spot The Difference, and many more! Explore a world of Rapunzel full of fun mini games. 

Game 1: Rapunzel Sliding Puzzle 

Welcome to Rapunzel Sliding Picture Puzzle. Move the pieces to their correct location to find a beautiful scene from Rapunzel fairytale. Be quick as you don't want to run out of time!

Instructions: Slide the pieces around and fix it at its right spot to form a complete picture.

Game 2: Rapunzel Hidden Surprise Explore the objects hidden in Rapunzel's world. Use the magnifying glass to reveal hidden secrets. So are you up for this challenge?

Instructions: Use the magnifying glass and move around the screen to find the hidden object. Double tap on the hidden object.

Game 3: Rapunzel Scrabble How well do you know Rapunzel story? Test your knowledge by playing this fun word game. Complete all the levels to have fun!

Instructions: Recognize the image on the left and tap letters on the right panel to make the correct word.

Game 4: Rapunzel Spot The Difference 

Can you spot the differences in these beautiful pictures?

Instructions: Spot and tap on the differences that you find.

Game 5: Word Search Game 

Welcome to Rapunzel word search game at Words from this enchanting story are hidden in the letters grid. Can you find them?

Instructions: Find and tap on all the words hidden in the grid.

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Instruction to play: