Drawaria.online is a fun-addicting drawing and guessing game which is playable on pbs games io online 2020. In Drawaria.online, you take the turn to draw and guess the words that the other players draw. Your objective in Drawaria Online is to upgrade your character to the maximum possible level. Earn the XP points, upgrade the skills. Try all available modes and customization options in Drawaria Online.

Here at https://pbskidsgames.games/, join a room with other players from all over the globe and try to guess what they draw. If you are the first one to guess, you will earn three points, if you guess second you’ll get two, and one one point if you guess third or more. In your turn, you choose a word that you feel you can bring it to life in the white paper and use your skills to draw and let other players guess. Try hard to draw as good as possible. 

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or keyboad

LMB to draw

RMB to erase

Mouse scroll to change brush's size

B to brush

E to erase

F to fill

Z or U to undo