Crazy is a cool multiplayer jumping game that you can play here on pbs .io games. This is a fast paced MMO that lets you smash other players off a cliff and into eternity. Run, jump, and smash your way to victory in this elegant and engaging arena battler. You must fight against other people from around the world in fierce jumping battles. Try to knock your opponents out of the arena. 

You can get big and dominate the arena by out thinking and out playing the other players. Test your mettle against the iron will of thousands of other players. Ads the arena falls apart around you do you have what it takes to out play, and survive? Try different strategies in Crazy Jump io and use the most effective one.

As you knock other players around your character will increase in size and you will become stronger. There is a range of awesome characters to choose from who all have a different style and look. See how you fare in the crazy jumping battle!

When you reach high levels, the difficulty levels will increase significantly, which means that more skillful techniques need to be used. Come to and take up the challenges in other sports games like and

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to move, release to stomp

Use Space bar to stomp