Mr Bullet

Oh no! This dangerous group of ninjas is attacking the city. We don't know where they are from, but it's crucial that they must be stopped before it's too late! Mr.Bullet will complete this ultimate task as a professional mercenary to protect his city! Can you help him to shoot down that many ninjas?

These ninjas are scattered everywhere. You will meet them through the levels in different locations. When you do, raise your gun again to fight back. The main goal is to complete levels by shooting down all the ninjas there. It will start off easy with two or three ninjas only. But as you progress to higher levels with higher difficulty levels, you might need to break some obstacles to clear the shooting path. Choosing the right direction is also one of the hardest jobs in this Pbs shooting game.

Since the game operates in a special feature with the law of physics, you need to calculate the bounce of the items and the ninjas wisely to draw up the most perfect shooting path. It's possible to come up with different ways to kill ninjas with props, or with reflections from walls, which makes the game much cooler. Your aiming and shooting skills are two necessary skills to survive the tough combat here!

There is no limit on the time but the number of bullets is restricted, so think carefully before taking any shot. Keep defeating more ninjas to protect the other cities in games like Zombie Typing and Gun Builder 2

Instruction to play:

Shoot with the left mouse button.