Survivor In Rainbow Monster

Come and join the this adventure games in the Pbs games free. Red Monster is your guide in the io game Survivor In Rainbow Monster. The initial mobile adaptation of Rainbow Game. In the mobile game Survivor In Rainbow Monster, you play as an unnamed child who is abducted during a school field excursion to Spooky Park. No more recreation. From the instant of your capture, you must survive five nights in a lifeless extraterrestrial environment inhabited only by the Rainbow Monster. You must accomplish a special mission or challenge each night for five nights while evading the Rainbow Monster. It's time to engage! Discover the game more times to hone your skills and enjoy the truly fun experience that the game offers. You want to change to other games, don’t you? There are tons of choices for you to choose from such as Boxes Wizard.

Instruction to play:

Follow the instructions game.