is a free-for-all 2D shooter game which is playable on pbs online Games for kids. There’s nothing more fun than entering a huge virtual battlefield packed with other players and just shoot the crap out of everyone. Run through the stage and look for weapons and equipment to become the most powerful shooter on the field and kill all your opponents. Be careful once the ring starts to close or you might end up outside of the safezone and die. Have fun!

At, choose a color and then parachute into a free for all battle extreme! It's you vs the world in a game that lets you choose from multiple weapons, and items as well as ammunition. You can also power up your player with all kinds of armor, helmets, shields, and forcefields. Keep tabs on your inventory and craft your way to victory. You'll be going toe to toe with other players from around the world. That is the beauty of io games, afterall.

More games will come soon giving you different gaming experiences. If you don’t want to choose which games to play first, then check out and

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move

Use the mouse to aim/shoot

Use F to grab items/ open doors