Nail Doctor

Nail Doctor is a fun medic simulator that you can play here on pbs game girls. You are in a hospital to cure for a patient. You see 4 pictures. Check the patiente, clean the wounded area, remove germs, and keep following the instructions on your note until your patients nail is 100% cured. Go save some lives, have fun!

In the first photo, the index toe is injured. The big toe is injured in the second picture. The rest is the middle toe. Zoom in the injured toe. Use a syringe and inject her toe with penicillin. Use tiny shower to wash that toe and use a steam spout to clean the stain. Drop medicine on the wound. Use a tiny knife to remove infected nail. Use cotton to absorb blood and ice cube to make the toe comfortable. You can see a blister, graze, blood stain, and festering wound. Moreover, three insects are biting one her toe. Her skin is sunburnt. Firstly, use a shower to wash her foot and remove all smears. Use a towel to tap the foot dry. 

Cure until you complete the to-do list. Apply medicine, bandage and dress wound.  Decorate nail by choosing a color pencil and draw on it. Untie the bandages. 

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact