Adam and Eve: Golf

Adam and Eve: Golf is another installment of the Adam and Eve game series which is playable here on pbs Games to play. This fun golf game requires to aim carefully and control your power to hit the ball into the hole, the more shots that you take the lower your score will be. There will be hazardous objects and obstacles to avoid so make sure that you aim carefully to get the ball into the hole. Have fun!

Our good old Adam, from the popular point-and-click puzzle game Adam and Eve, has taken a day off of his life threatening adventures to go golfing. In this Adam and Eve: Golf game at, a funny golf game with cute, cartoonish graphics, you get to control the little caveman to pass every level collecting all 3 stars.

That’s right, you don’t have to save him from zombies, dinosaurs and all kinds of evil creatures to find Eve, just play golf like every other regular caveman. Collect all stars and use some of the dinos to pass every level and become a professional prehistoric golfer. Enjoy Adam and Eve: Golf!

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Instruction to play:

Hold left mouse and drag to aim, release to shoot.