Beaver's Blocks

Come and join the this puzzle game in the PBSKids games. Beaver's Blocks is an intriguing block puzzle game that requires logic and mental stimulation. Return to the game daily to improve your abilities. Beaver's Blocks will enable you to have a comfortable and stable experience, making it ideal for a relaxing hobby. Prepare to immerse yourself in this immensely engrossing game by settling in.

Place the game pieces onto the board. Clear the board of cubes by combining them. Combine nine-cube lines. Combine cubes measuring 3 by 3 squares inside the allotted spaces. Combining several lines and squares in a row or simultaneously yields a combination. Clear the board of cubes to win points and raise your score. You also have the opportunity to expand your game world with countless other similar games like The Runaway Cats. Those are the best things you can save.

Instruction to play:

Left-click and hold to grab a piece Hold left mouse button and move your cursor to drag the piece Release left mouse button to drop a piece on a desk.