Extreme Offroad Cars 2

Extreme Offroad Cars 2 is a cool 4x4 offroad racing game which is playable on pbs Games for boys. If you enjoyed the original title, you are sure to love this second improved edition. This game brings everything that was great about the original, and adds some cool new off-road tracks to test your driving skills out on! 

Choose between many different kinds of vehicles and start your first race. Try to complete every path without damaging your car. Notice that you can use a winch to pull the car, and also toggle all wheel drive for more traction. Don’t let the steep ground and obstacles on your way take you down and get to the finish line on every stage as fast as you can. Enjoy!

At https://pbskidsgames.games/, use your keyboard arrow keys to control the acceleration and turning of your vehicle and try to control it through a series of obstacles and roads. The terrain is extremely rough and bumpy and you must try to find a balance of speed and control to ensure you don't crash your vehicle! Can you complete every level and prove your skill as an off-road driver?

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Instruction to play:

Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive

Z + left click to attack the winch

Use C to pull the car

Use X to free the cable

The Shift to toggle all-wheel drive

The Space bar to use handbrake