Dino Transport Truck

Dino Truck Transport Simulator is an advance dino truck simulation game in the realistic jungle environment which is playable here on pbs Games for school. Experience the real adventure while transporting an angry dino to the Jurassic zoo in the wild beast territory. The transport truck simulator is a real challenge to drive as you are surrounded by most furious dinosaurs of the world. 

Have you ever worked as a truck driver for a real dinosaur park? Surely you haven’t, but today is your lucky! The gameplay is full of adventure and extreme action. As you are in the mid of jungle arena and your mission is to transport the angry wild beast while facing a group of angry dinos. The game is totally unique as you are playing the multiple roles. You are a truck driver as well as you are facing the world most furious creature. So be brave and don’t let the angry monster eat you or else your mission is done.

There are three different game modes to enhance your truck parking simulation experience. The practice mode, the time challenge, and the survival mode. In each of them, you will have to face the several hurdles while completing this mission at https://pbskidsgames.games/. First of all, you will have to face the deadly attacks of monster dinosaurs while traveling in the real safari jungle. The angry beasts are trying to free their companion which you are traveling in your heavy cargo loader truck. Also, there is time dead line in which you have to complete the mission successfully. So be ready for the real thrilling challenge and don’t be afraid of the wild zoo animals.

In addition, you can hardly miss how to participate in many other exciting new games similar to Nascar Racing and Scrap Metal 5. Your world will be filled with the most special things. 

Instruction to play:

Use the Arrow keys / WASD to drive

The Space to handbrak