Sack Race

Sack Race is a classic party game that you can play here on pbs de juex. You are participating in a traditional sack race; you and other opponents have got within a sack and must race to cross the finish line in as little time as possible. The first person to cross the finish line will win. 

The fact that kids are learning amazing development skills will be disguised in the fun and sometimes hilarity of the game. Covering a broad range of ages and stages, this cool party game will be a huge success! The twist in this game at is that you cannot move forward until you answer a math's question correctly. 

For each step forward, a question will appear above, choose the correct answer as quickly as possible to get ahead of your opponents and win the race. Good luck!

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Instruction to play:

Click on the jump button, if you answer the math question correctly, the character jumps forward, if the answer is incorrect your character drops off.