is a multiplayer adventure game that you can play here on our website. This is a fun adventure game with a cool retro style for those who just can’t get enough of pixel graphics. In this game developed pbs io games, you must take on a range of challenging quests. It has RPG elements and you can purchase different weapons and armor to help you succeed. 

Enter the arena to fight against lots of evil monster and earn much more money. Everytime you kill an enemies you can collect its coins, which you are going to use to buy weapons, armor, upgrades, new levels and more. The world is open and you are free to explore wherever your feet take you. Be careful, íf you die you will lose everything you own, so think twice before accepting a challenge. Have fun!

What are you waiting for without finding other games and saving them to the list of new games to explore in your free time. constantly bring new world players and other similar games to this fascinating game like and Are you ready to explore now?

Instruction to play:

Use the Arrow keys to move

Space to attack

E to interac