Kiwi Adventure 2

Do you remember our little bird Kiwi? He is about to start a new adventure at Pbs land where many obstacles await for him. Will you assist him on this quest to gather coins and reach the final destination? The gameplay resembles that of the classic Flappy Birds, however, you will have to prepare yourself for some new tasks. As you have to click with a suitable pace to make the bird fly, avoid crashing or touching any obstacle that is placed on the way.

While moving smartly, keep out for the floating coins. By collecting these, you can increase the number of coins after each successful mission. Also, if you log in every day, make sure to check the daily section for extra missions. You can gain up to 500 points per game, so don't miss them out! What can you do with these points and coins?

Purchase the bonuses at the store in to extend the capacity of the bird and to make it easier. For example, there is a magnet that sucks all the stars so you don't have to move or a booster to push the headstart. The nitro to boost your distance can be very efficient too. After a while, two new companions will appear to help you out on this journey. Be nice to Green Planet and Red Planet!

All in all, it's about controlling the flying speed of your bird to drift and fly flexibly. Controlling the pace in other adventure games such as Flappy Run Online and Dumb Ways to Die 2 too! 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to make the birds fly.