Maglu V2

Maglu V2  is another fun-addicting free online game which is playable on juegos pbs. On Halloween, you need to close windows and doors so that evil spirits do not enter the house, and our hero did not do this, and a witch flying by used an open window and flew into the house. The guy has nothing to take, but in order to at least somehow annoy him, the villain stole a beloved pet - a hand raven. The hero decided not to leave it just like that, but set off after it. Help him help out the bird.

In this pixel online running game, an evil wizard took our pet, you need to try to find it. With the accumulated experience along the way, it will help us improve our skills and resist more on the way. Don't touch those deadly obstacles, survive longer and enjoy the game Maglu V2!

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Instruction to play:

Click left / w – Jump

Click right / space – Shoot

P – Pause