Lay Eggs

Lay Eggs is a sweet little online game which is playable on pbs for school. This is a kids games and also suitable for adults all ages. The bird want to go home, but There are many obstacles on the road. Can you help the bird go home safely?

In the game, you'll be trying to get through all the obstacles. You will be controlling hatching of your hen’s eggs. You can use these so that you can get over obstacles. You need to react quickly though, since the obstacles are showing up rather quickly and your eggs might break. For each level that you get through, you will be awarded with a coin that you can use to buy skins in the store. Try to get through the levels without errors, so that you don’t lose time. Have fun here!

At we update new games from the same collection daily such as Short Life 2 so that you and your team can indulge in it. 

Instruction to play: