Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol is a block-collecting arcade game on 3D platform which is playable on pbs games unblocked. Admittedly, there’s not an awful lot of challenge involved with Collect Cube. It’s a pretty zen experience overall – cleaning up cubes can be quite cathartic. There’s no time limit, rarely any obstacles, and no bad guys to fight. Can you collect all cubes?

In this game at, you have to gather up all of the coloured cubes in a horseshoe and drag them back to your base. At this point they’ll change colour to the same as your horseshoe, meaning you have successfully collected them. There are about 100 levels which it is enough for you to challenge yourself and have fun!

While you’ll usually just slide your thumb around the screen to move the horseshoe, we recommend swiping to go faster during bonus rounds. Swipe continuously in the direction you want the horseshoe to go and you’ll be surprised at the pace you can pick up.

More than the cool theme, this classic puzzle game comes with simple colors and models to optimize the players' experience. Invite your friends to join other games with the private servers like OnPipe and Collect Cubes as well!!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play this game