Ball Paint

Ball Paint is a new addictive 3D game which is playable on pbs games online 2019. What you need to do is trying to make all the balls' color same. In the game, you have to finish each level in limited discoloration times. There are a huge number of levels is waiting for you. Have fun and good luck!

It is simple to hear, but to be able to pass the gameplay smoothly, it is not easy at all. Games with high difficulty levels will soon appear, which is when you will be very confused in finding the most feasible plan. Therefore at, referencing some advice will definitely be essential. Here are a few small notes that can help you get your moves clear during the game.

No need to rush: There is no time limit in the game. This allows players to be comfortable in calculating their next moves. Be relaxed and calm in every shot to get the best performance.

Keep rotating the ball to see the best colors: You can completely rotate the ball depending on the direction to get the most favorable view, thereby finding the most feasible areas. Even this is almost a mandatory operation for players to start the game with balls of three or more colors.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play this game