BMX Online

BMX Online is a cool side-scrolling 2D racing game which is playable pbs car game. Play BMX Online, a fun addicting multiplayer online bmx racing game. Hop on your bike and wait for other players to join you in a race with lots of ramps to perform front and back flips like a pro. 

During the game, each course features numerous bumps ramps and obstacles that you must overcome. The more you flip, the faster you will go, so use every ramp you can to perform your stunts. Win races to earn money and unlock new funny bikers, like Barack Obama, the Joker, Super Mario and many other cartoon versions of well known characters. To gain a speed boost you can perform a spin move – you must perform the spin move at the exact right moment and you can boost past your opponents. If you crash during a spin, you will lose momentum and you need to get back on your bike. The multiplayer racing is awesome and you can choose from 8 different characters. Much fun with BMX Online!

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Instruction to play:

Use the AD or left/ right arrow to tilt.