Driftking.io is a 3D smash 'em up racing game which is playable on pbs games free online. Have you ever wanted to put yourself in the pilot seat of a hot shot demolition driver who wows the crowd by slamming his opponenets into the mud? Well, now you can!  

As an browserbased MMO style game, Driftking.io lets you slowly build up points and cash to upgrade your car and make it the ultimate mechanized doom machine. The world is an arena and all of us are but demolition drivers, spinning our wheels and smacking into our enemies. Smash, save, grind, and grow your driver and car into a true beast of an automobile as you climb up the leader board, decimate the compition and bask in the glory of the applause. This is drifting, this is smashing: Are you not entertained? 

Become the coolest racer. Score as many drift points to get into the top 1. Your objective in DriftKing.io at https://pbskidsgames.games/ is to upgrade your character to the maximum possible level. Earn the XP points, upgrade the skills. Try all available modes and customization options in DriftKing io. On the map there are bonuses (new tires and armor) thanks to which you can quickly and safely escape to the first place, as well as easily kill your competitor.

It is the game that many players around the world discover and relax after every working hour like Bumper.io and Gunborn.io. Your choice is always respected.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to drive

The Space bar to use handbrake

Use C to change the camera view