Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D is an episodic first-person shooter and a follow-up to the top-down infiltration game Castle Wolfenstein that you can play here on pbs jogos free. The game puts the player in the boots of B.J. Blazkowicz, an allied spy. There are six episodes: the first distributed complete as shareware; the second and the third available after registration; and the three final missions (which happen before the events of the first episode) available in the Nocturnal Missions pack.

In these politically divisive times, it is nice to remember the good old days. Back then, when you you could still shoot Nazis in the face, instead of having to debate them in the "marketplace of ideas". This is Wolfenstein 3D. As proud member of the anti-fascist movement that used to be the US Army, you play BJ Blazkowicz and are about to escape a Nazi prison. And what better way to do that than shooting down every single fascist guard you meet. And their dog! Race through this old school 3D environment, gun down Nazis and enjoy a milestone of gaming history with Wolfenstein 3D!

This game at https://pbskidsgames.games/ is simple enough for children and attractive enough for adults. If you want to find something more thrilling and challenging, then check out Assault Fury and Outlive: The West. Have a great time here.

Instruction to play:

Use the Arrow keys to move

Ctrl to Shoot

Alt to Strife

Shift to Run

Space to Open doors