Bottle Flip

Bottle Flip is a straight-forward swiping game about flipping a bottle onto a platform that you can play here on pbs for free jogos. This free game lets you play out the amusing feats of the popular video meme. Simply flip a full bottle of water into the air and make it land perfectly without it falling over. 

With this bottle-flip game you get to enjoy the thrill of the flip in classic mode or power mode. Classic mode lets do the water bottle flip normally. After each successful attempt, the platform you landed the bottle on, will be replaced by a new one located somewhere else. This way, every flip demands your utmost attention. Power mode, on the other hand, is even more demanding. Here the platform does not wait for you to flip the bottle. Instead it will move to a new position every couple of seconds. You will need quick reflexes and a very delicate swiping finger to pull off the water bottle flip over and over again. are constantly updating new games for players to relax and participate in the highest score. What are you waiting for without unlocking all levels and joining new games similar to this game like Warfare 1917 and Slope Ball. Our game world is constantly being open and you will love your game. 

Instruction to play: