Steampunk Genius

Steampunk Genius is a gobble of dash snake control game that you can play here on pbs free online. Set your creativity free and try to build the perfect machine to drive freely around grounds packed with enemies ready to shoot you down. Use blocks for the structure, different types of parts for the mechanism of your creation, such as motors, hydraulics and more, and equip it with powerful weapons to protect yourself from others. Be smart, read the short but helpful manual at the beginning and enjoy!

The game offers a lot of different models to build different vehicles. It can be a car, an airplane, or even a robotic spider with a gun on his back. But it is good to determine at the outset exactly what you want to build and find the right parts for it, so that you do not have to unnecessarily rework everything. You can expect high-quality 3D graphics and hours of fun, let's do it!

Share them if you feel it is necessary for other online game players. Each game you participate in will help you after every learning hour. Relax and show off your skills in this new game. We also help you join many other similar games in your free time like Bottle Flip Challenge 2 at Please update them as quickly as possible.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to build / view, (other controls must be determined by player)