Giant Hamster Run

Giant Hamster Run is a funny and addicting endless runner/ distance game that you can play here on pbs online. You're a tiny hamster turned into a giant hamster. In this game, you will control Tiny – a giant hamster. Your goal is to run through the city streets to collect coins and eat cookies. Coins can be used to purchase items like skateboard, roller skates, flying carpets, and even hover boards.

Switch lanes, jump and slide to avoid obstacles such as roadblocks and police cars. It sounds simple, but if your hand-eye coordination is not good, the hamster will meet trouble. Run as far as you can. You have 3 lives in the game. Besides collecting cookies, you also have to collect coins. These coins play an important role. You can use them to buy special items in the shop such as skateboard, roller-skates, rocket or flying carpet. They make you move faster and dodge every obstacle. So, don’t forget to make use of them to make your journey last longer.

At, we urge you to be brave and overcome the fear to win this game. There will be fun moments while conquering this adventure. Other games on the website are also for free such as Mario Doodle Jump and Pizza Challenge

Instruction to play:

Controls your hamster by using arrow keys