Mario Doodle Jump

Mario Doodle Jump Online is a one-player action game that you can play here on pbs games free. It is played for free on our website. Do know Mario? He is a famous character who overcomes difficulties to save a princess. In this game of yfriv games, you play the role of that machinist. Your duty is to jump high and try to survive. The mission is not simple at all.

Mario will jump on wooden bars to reach a higher position. You cannot control the height of jumps because we decide that. What you have to do is to move right or move left. Land exactly and keep balance. You will play on the platform. There are numerous bars appear on yfriv online games. They are put everywhere. Their position is different. The distance between bars is not the same. You should think about a strategy of moving. How can you get the highest place with minimum jumps?

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Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move Mario