MiniBattles - 2 3 4 5 6 Player Games

Many minigames to challenge your friends, it sounds incredible but it is real! Up to 6 players can play at the same time in "all against all" battles where there will always be only one winner. With this incredible game you can organize tournaments with your friends since a counter will indicate who has the most battles won. There are many games, among them you will find Soccer, Cars, War Tanks, Sumo, Archers, Vikings, Spaceships and much more.

Join your friends to play the game and find interesting things. This is a great opportunity for you to play some other games similar to like Knights of Fortune at

Instruction to play:

Player 1 = Button "C"

Player 2 = Button "N"

Player 3 = Button "P"

Player 4 = Button "Q"

Player 5 = Button "LEFT"

Player 6 = Button "RIGHT"