Bunny Storm

The cute little monster here in Bunny Storm from Pbs land is incredibly hungry. Can you feed him with the most delicious food? Oh no! There is another bunny on the road and it's trying to sabotage the food by blowing it away! You need to make sure that the monster is well fed despite the interfering of the bunny.

This game will test your ability to estimate and throw the food to the monster's mouth perfectly. When there are other factors that affect your throwing path like the wind, the tasks become more difficult. You will need to change the strategy by estimating a better angle. Keep launching the eggs and feed the monster quickly.

The adorable characters with bright colors will bring a relaxing experience. If you feel a little bit lazy, all you have to do is keep clicking at the perfect timing in this game at http://pbskidsgames.games/. Can you see the note mark appearing on each turn? This mark will tell you the wind force and the direction of the wind so that you can prepare yourself.

For example, a mark saying 1,5 on the left side of the screen means that the wind with that force will blow from left to right. Moreover, the arrow that decides the direction of the throw will move constantly. It's your job to stop it at the right moment to choose the desired one. Let's have fun with these cuties in other fascinating throwing games such as Tape It Up Online and Jumping Rock

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact and throw the eggs.