Merge & Decor

Visit PBS online for completely free and unblocked games. Do you like to play games about home makeovers, decorating rooms, and fixing up houses? In the Merge & Decor Merge Puzzle game, you will build a brand-new dream mansion. Get rid of the dust of the past. Find and combine items to make useful tools and find treasures you didn't expect. You never know what the next room will hold. Completely remodel your home and decorate it the way you want. It is a game that many players around the world discover and relax after every working hour like Hidden Magic OG. Your choice is always respected.

Key Features:

*DISCOVER All items – Merge and discover hidden items in your mansion

*MERGE - Combine what you get into more useful tools.

*DECORATE – Perform your house decoration talents.

*RELAX – No rush of time, you are completely free of any pressure.

Instruction to play:


*Merge and combine pieces to earn stars.

*Use stars to decorate your mansion.