Watermelon Shooting

Watermelon Shooting is a kind of interesting gun shooting simulation game that you can play here on pbs unblocked. This game is really testing the shooting skills. As a gun shooter of fruits don’t hit the wrong target. Crush all the moving fruits with your shooter gun with strong pistol grip. Just like other fruit shooter games you have to blast the sweet watermelon before they got crush in the crushers.

The Watermelon Shooter 3D Game at https://pbskidsgames.games/ is the only first person shooting game that includes all new features of modern fruit shooting adventure games. There is also a endless mode where you can slice the fruits without obstacle such as bombs and shells. This 3D shooting game is also for best archer shooters who love new shooting games.

People who like to make a mess will love this game as it makes you create a havoc by blasting watermelons to practice your shooting skills. Shooting is a really fun activity which gets even more thrilling when there are objects involved which can be smashed into a thousand pieces

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interaction