Classic Mahjong

Classic Mahjong is a free tile matching game which is playable on free games pbs unblocked. This is one of the all time favorite board games and you can have hours of fun trying to beat your best score. The game is simple: you must match pairs of the same tile together in order to remove all the tiles from the playing field. 

Also known as Shanghai or The Turtle, it's a solitaire game using Chinese Mahjong tiles that puts an engaging puzzle in front of you. Your mission in this game at is to clear the board by removing all the matching identical pairs from the layout. The tiles feature some amazing Chinese symbols and icons and the design of this browser version is simple beautiful. A valid pair consists of two tiles which are both free and identical or of the same type. Try to remove the tiles as quickly as possible and see what is the quickest time you can register!

The list of players' names on the right side will be updated constantly. Will your name show up on the top spots or not? Show your flexibility with other special games such as Red Ball and Mahjong Fun from this collection. 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play this game