FireBlob is a Platform-Puzzle game which is playable on pbs games for boys. Inspired in some NES style games the game has a colorful graphics style and retro-like sounds and calm music in order to be a relaxing experience, although some skill is needed to complete the game goal. The game has 28 levels and a new twist every certain amount of levels. 

In this games at, you command a small fireball in order to reach and ignite a wood fire; In the midst of this icy world, FIREBLOB will have to brave the dangers and pitfalls to quickly find wood and turn into a life-giving fire. Move with agility and skillfully jump from platform to platform, watch out for the ice that will melt as you pass, but also for sharp spades and many other deadly traps.

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Instruction to play:

A, D or arrow keys to move

H, W, up arrow or space bar to jump

M to mute sound

R to restart