Hexa Time

Hexa Time is another match 3 game which is playable here on pbs Games for girls. Have you ever played a kind of match 3 game called Hexa Time? You are in a regular hexagon in which you need to match the blocks by making up any lines inside. It is suggested to take part in the margins of the regular hexagon!

Here at https://pbskidsgames.games/, you are provided 3 blocks with different forms before the game started each time. The only way to make game continue is to regroup these 3 blocks and match them erasable on an facultative edge of a regular hexagon. In the wake of making blocks completed matching, you will find that the available time for you is not enough to complete matching although it never decreased!

We believe that you, as a skillful player, will bring down all the targets and conquer the game! Keep exploring more simulator games with other fun themes like Collect Cubes and Snow Patrol on our website without a single dollar! 

Instruction to play:

Clicking and sliding