Evo-F is an epic racing game which is playable on pbs car games. What’s your goal in this one? Whatever your mind tells you. Just select one of many different types of vehicles and drive around enjoying the graphics, speed through ramps like a maniac, forklift other vehicles or crash the crap out of parked cars. Don’t worry if you destroy your vehicle, you can repair it whenever you want pressing a single key, so just enjoy the ride and have fun with Evo-F!

At https://pbskidsgames.games/, you can play two different game modes: City ride & free mode. In city ride, you must explore the vast cityscape and complete different tasks such as smashing into other vehicles or good deeds like repairing cars and helping other citizens. 

In free mode, you are taken to a large empty field away from the city and you can try out some amazing stunts and tricks without fear of smashing into any buildings! The graphics are cool and the driving gameplay is fun and realistic. Try and complete all the missions and side missions, and see what fantastic stunts you can pull off in Evo-F today!

Surely you will love the world famous racing games, especially in this game. We help players join other famous football games like Park The Taxi and Evo-F2. Be ready for matches and win gold medals of all tournaments.

Instruction to play:

Use the Arrows / WASD to drive

Hold Space to handbrake

Enter to unflip

C to camera

R to repair

T to timeframe

U / J / I / K to use fork / arm