Smashy Duo

Smashy Duo is an unique fast-paced arcade action game which is on pbs sports games. In this new game, you control 2 Heroes to hit as many monsters before one of them was knocked off from the stage. Smashy Duo features a simple tap control where anyone can easily pick up and play without going through complex tutorials.

At, whenever you defeat a zombie, you will receive points and gold coins, with this amount you can activate support items and unlock new characters. The system has a lot of special characters to increase attack or defense. 

Built on the Unity platform, Smashy Duo offers a relatively simple but beautiful graphic beauty. This graphic makes the game suitable for all ages. Although not a game with any depth or breakthrough or classic, but this game can bring great attraction and can be addictive. In the context of having so many game titles today, choosing a simple game to play is also a wise choice. Let's see what Smashy Duo can do.

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Instruction to play:

Press left or right arrow key to smash.