Winter Fairy

Come and join the this dress up game in the PBS Kids games. Winter is already underway. Let's investigate the inhabitants of the magnificent winter forest. A few strokes of a magic wand transform a snow-covered clearing into a magnificent scene. This is the Winter Fairy's work! Appreciate these snow-white, blue, and dark blue hues as you try on gorgeous garments and shoes with the fairy. Don't forget to apply a cool, refreshing makeup look and a lovely hairdo. Enjoy winter's splendor with the Winter Fairy!

The young forest fairy doesn't know much yet, and she needs your help a lot. You have to get a beautiful forest ready for winter. But not only does the forest need to be ready for winter, but so does the fairy. She needs to change her makeup and hairstyle, find warm and pretty clothes, and get some great accessories. Numerous new games are updated on our website such as Valentines Matching Outfits. Please select one of them to join now.

Instruction to play:

Depending on the gaming device, a computer mouse click or a simple touch on touch screens is used for control.