Cookie Clicker Climate Change

Play Cookie Clicker Climate Change game in your web browser for free at PBSKids Online Games and more fun games. An entertaining and addicting clicker, Cookies! has over 400 different upgrades, modifications, and powerups, as well as generous free daily bonuses, boosters for minigames, offline cookie mining, and evolution enhancements.

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Key Features:

- The auto-incremental-upgrade style of game play is easy and very addicting

- There are more than 200 upgrades and mods to speed up making cookies and getting rid of carbon.

- Get more than 200 accomplishments.

- Use powerups to speed up the process of making cookies.

- Level up your cookie mastery to get more benefits and unlock new minigame boosters. Also works with multi-evo. You can evolve up to four times at once and save a lot of cookies.

- Bonus rewards and bonus minigames every day.

- Offline cookie cooking, so you can play even when you're not home.

- Random blessings make your game better.

- Handle random curses like workers going on strike, maintenance shutting down, and other things.

- Infinite game play

Instruction to play:

Tap / click the cookie