Rio Rex

Rio Rex is an amazing dinosaur themed game that you can play here on pbs action games. You play the role of a dangerous dinosaur and turn the world into a chaos as you dash through the town.

There will be many assassins who try to shoot down the T-rex and you will notice a small target dot when they aim at your character. Bear in mind that you have to move the dinosaur immediately to avoid the shooting range. When you reach the end of the stage after killing all humans, the next stage will be unlocked for you.

For each item that you manage to smash and destroy, you will be reward with extra scores. However, the game is not that easy. Besides from stepping on bystanders and breaking the buildings, you need to make sure that your T-rex isn't shot at.

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Instruction to play:

Use the WASD to move

The mouse to aim, attack, shoot

F key to watch full screen

P key to pause the game.