Spongebob Racer 3D

Many years ago, great and greedy magician decided to get rich. He found a treasure map, but these treasures were hidden at the bottom of the sea. The magician has decided to create a monster which will obey him and would get the treasure from the bottom. He spent the ritual and created the Angry Bob. Bob was very strong, brave, quick, he loved gold and he was able to do a double jump. Bob glanced at the treasure map and went to search for them. So adventure begins.


- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic shadows, smooth animation and HD textures.

- Simple and convenient controlling.

- Realistic physics of running, jumping, the underwater world.

- Sly levels with a variety of enemies and obstacles.

- Realistic sounds.

- Platformer with a story.

- New original levels will be constantly adding in additions .

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Instruction to play:

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