Baby Hazel Granny House

Baby Hazel Granny House is a fascinating dress up game which is playable on pbs game unblocked for school. Wow! Baby hazel's vacation is full of surprise. Today she is going to her granny's house for the very first time. Hazel is thoroughly excited and wishes to enjoy and each and every moment of being there. Be with darling Hazel and explore her granny's house and nearby areas. Attend all the needs of little lass and her grandparents. While at granny's place Hazel will be befriending with someone. Want to know who? Then play this game. Have fun!

Level 1:

Baby hazel along with granny has left for granny's house via train. Hazel will be going there for the very first time and she is very curious to explore her granny's place. Be with Baby Hazel and granny and offer their needs on time. Have fun traveling.

Level 2:

Finally Baby Hazel has reached granny's house and is done with dining. Also at, she informs her mom that she has reached home. While exploring granny's house, she gets fascinated to a box full of antiques. But she also meets Wiley, granny's little pet, who pops out from the box.

Level 3:

Baby Hazel is excited to see the market. Her granny has promised her to prepare something for her. While shopping, she helps granny saves her from falling. Play this level to know what exactly happens.

Level 4:

After coming back from the market, Baby Hazel joins her grandpa in gardening. After gardening, they all come together for evening get together and her granny makes flower crown for Baby Hazel. Join Baby hazel in this amazing day out with her grandparents.

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Instruction to play:

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.