Bumper.io is an awesome bumping game which is playable on free pbs io games. The game takes place in a lake where players will control characters like bugs in the arena that you can imagine are lotus leaves or gun leaves floating on the water. Unlike gameplay "big fish swallowing small fish" of many other IO games, instead of "eating" opponents in Bumper IO, you will push other players into the water.

There is no gun sword or ammunition but Bumper.io is exactly a fierce multi-player mortal arena, where every player aims to be the last survivor. In Bumper.io at https://pbskidsgames.games/, you move around the map to collect food to increase the size of yourself, and quickly kill the opponent quickly.

You also need to take tactics and use some tips to become the ruler of the arena. For example, focus on smaller competitors initially, but gradually you can attack larger sized players. Of course, confronting stronger enemies is not an easy task, but if you succeed, you will get extremely attractive results.

Besides the elaborate gameplay, a variety of point of views and 3D graphics will create the most realistic experience for the fans of adventure games. Plenty of newly added options such as Drawaria.online and Tornado.io also have the best features and characters, so check them out!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to move