Stormy Kicker

Stormy Kicker is fun game suitable for all ages which is playable on pbs free online juegos. Who's the best football striker in the world (at least, in this game)? You could be the one if you take your team to the World cup title. It's simple - all you need to do is to tap at the right moment and kick the ball right into the net. Extremely simple gameplay, one touch is all is needed. But, is it easy?

Prove that you're one of the best strikers in the world in this fun game of professional football! Kick the ball at the right time and throw it straight into the goal to score as many goals as possible. Due to the simple handling you can relax and enjoy your favourite sport, but don't be too confident as good reflexes are the only thing that will get you a good score.

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Instruction to play:

Left click at the right moment when the ball is near the red target, and kick the ball right into the net.