Puppet Hockey Battle

Puppet Hockey is a super funny and addicting 2 player ice hockey game online which is playable on pbs game free. Play 1 on 1 hockey as one of the 12 best international ice hockey teams. Your objective is simple, use your stick to score as many goals into your opponent’s net as possible.

First you need to choose your favourite country team of puppets hockey players. When your team is ready and your players are well trained then it is time to go for the trophy! Skate, jump, catch and shoot the puck into your opponents goal in exciting one-on-one hockey matches. Use the arrow keys to move. Press the F key to shoot the puck. If the match is tied, you will have an extra 20 seconds to score and win the match. If the game is tied in extra time, you will lose. When you have won all matches, then you will play against each team again.

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Instruction to play:

Arrows, F for shoot or touch screen