Colored Bunny

The rabbits have different colors and you need to help them get to the right position when participating in the famous online game Colored Bunny at There are 2 main colors are pink and blue leaves. The nests also have different colors. Therefore, players need to convert the color of the nest to match each bunny in this game. If you do not convert colors correctly, the game will end immediately. See the highest score you can win in this game.

This is one of the easy to relax games and accurately determines the colors with the reflexes you can learn. By quick reflexes, you can complete all tasks in each part of this exciting online game. We suggest players join the new game world without being bothered by any of the elements at pbs online games. You are ready for your new journey. and complete the game in the best way.

Share with your friends to see who will be the final winner with the highest score. Bunny is waiting for you to help them switch colors between the nests. Identify the correct color of the bunny and help them return to the nest first. This simple game helps players relax and explore their free time in the best way. You are no longer bothered by ads or any other factors. Be brave to join the game and top the ranking of the best people today.

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Instruction to play:

Left click to change the color of the nest from pink to green and back