Sheep N Sheep

Have a great game in Pbskids unblocked! Everyone participates in the game of elimination. Supposedly, just 0.1% of individuals can complete the second level of the daily challenge! A challenge before bedtime is impossible to resist! In addition to daily challenges, we also provide a simple and decompressed classic level mode and casual elimination. Play a game at any time, in any location, and compete in a brainstorming contest! In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in numerous other similar games like Delicious: Emily's New Beginning. Each game has its own content and you can save them to explore.

Key Features:

- Dual mode! If the daily challenge works, you can join the crowd, and pushing the classic level will help you use your brain.

- Lots of new colorful things! Styles you know and that are funny! - Unique backgrounds! Cool, cute, and new

- Enjoy the sheep's magical atmosphere! enjoy nature

- Well-thought-out levels for brain training! Use your brain to think.

- Simple and easy to use, simple and decompressed, and you can also have fun getting rid of broken time!

Instruction to play:

- Find 3 things that are the same! Find and tap three of the same things until they are all gone, and you're done.

- When there are more things to find, it will be harder, and it won't be as easy to find the same things.

- Using the right items can help you get through the level faster, of course. Even though the items are hard to tell apart, you can use props to help you move through the game more easily.