Clash of Cakes

If you ever wanted to have an intense cake fight against your friend, then Clash of Cakes is the game for you! You are going to control one of the cook and the other will be under control of your friend. Try to beat your friend by making clout to your friend. The one who reaches the highest score at the end of the specified time, wins the game.

The cake inspired gameplay really is fun and you can have a laugh with your friends. This time two different character is fighting in the arena; which are cooks. Here at pbs game for fun, a super struggle awaits you and your friend with the cooks who are trying to prove their skills to each other by throwing cakes to each other. Try to defeat your friend within the time limit – the last person standing, or the player with the most points wins! Who will be the cake master?

Should you have fast thinking skills, good technique in solving different things, you will definitely have tons of memorable moments at In addition, we also open up new puzzle worlds similar to this game like Wrestle Up and Piano For Kids

Instruction to play:

To jump, player 1 use W and player 2 use up arrow

To shoot, player 1 use D and player 2 use left arrow