Make Me Ten

Make Me 10 is a highly challenging puzzle game that you can play  here on  pbs unblocked online. How good are you in math? Make Me Ten is a nice puzzle game about numbers. All you have to do is combine numbers to get the result shown left on the top of the screen. Be careful, every time you don't make the number, the bar on the bottom will grow a bit, and once it's full you will lose the game. So try to make always the number as long as it's possible. Enjoy!

You start with the number 10. In each turn, there is a new number given, you can place it anywhere next to the other numbers in the circle. See the top left screen to see the number you need to make; this number increases after you successfully make it several times. If you can't make the number, the bottom bar moves. Pay attention to it, because if it reaches the left side, the game is over. Set at least 5 target numbers side by side and they will vanish to clear more space. Don’t shoot numbers into the circle at random, because if the circle gets too full you will lose the game and you’ll have to start over again.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play this game