Pool Club

Pool Club is actually a billiard simulation game that is made from 2D game art animation which is playable on pbs exciting games. This is a kids games and also suitable for adults all ages. Pocket all stripe and solid balls before the clock tuns out. Each pocketed ball adds 50 pts and 5s. The cue ball deducts 20 pts. Have fun!

Initially only one club is open for all players. When you continue playing Pool Club, you gain XP points depending on your shot performance, opponents skill and club level. Evaluation of your shot performance is determined by automatically. You are going to gain XP if you take following actions below.

Try to pocket all of the balls as quickly as possible. Get more than one ball in the pocket at a time to earn combo and super combo bonuses. After clearing the board you will be given new balls to hit in. Try to score as many points as possible before the timer expires. On game over your high score will be added to the Lagged leaderboards.

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Instruction to play:

Use mouse or finger and touch controls to aim and shoot