Flying Car Stunt 2

Flying Car Stunt 2 is a cool racing game for 2 players which is playable on pbs Games to play. Control a futuristic and powerful car with wings on its sides and try to reach the finish line of every level. Be careful with the giant hammers and axes on your way to the finish or you will be pushed out of the path. Use your wings to perform the craziest stunts and earn points to set the highest score possible. Enjoy this game by yourself or with another player on the same computer. Have fun!

Begin by choosing between the single and two player modes. Then at, each of you selects the car they want to use. What you have to do is give it your best to reach the finish line before the other player. The tracks will be futuristic, giving you the chance to do all sorts of flips, stunts, and other crazy stuff, and we're positive you will be able to give it you're all. Good luck, we hope both of you have fun, no matter who wins, and we hope to see more of you here today, in order to have fun with our other great games as well!

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Instruction to play:

Use the Arrows / WASD to drive

T / P to nitro