The Runaway Cats

Come and join the this puzzle game in the PBS Kids. The objective of the hard puzzle game The Runaway Cats is to capture the cat. Cats are clever animals that know how to escape, so you must carefully choose which trap to create. This problem is won by narrowing the passageway and leaving the cat without an escape. When you choose a tile, the cat travels to the next one, until she gets caught in a trap. The Cat will attempt to escape the labyrinth at any opportunity; thus, you must block the exit with obstacles.

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Instruction to play:

Point and click. Use your BRAIN to figure out which path will lead you to the cat best. Get help from the MIGHTY BOOSTERS, who are playing the role of obstacles. Cats are sneaky, but they can't get past our obstacles, which are made to take advantage of the cats' weaknesses. Attention! Our CATS have different minds and personalities, so it's hard to guess how to catch them.