Dashing Bird

Dashing Birds is actually a skillful arcade game that you can play here on Pbs best games 2020. Your mission is to help the two birds avoid missiles from the ground. The more missiles you dodged, the more scores you will get. It is necessary to keep both the two birds safe at the same time in Dashing Birds!

The sky is the limit, so make new scores by beating your own previous record, also challenge your family and friends to beat your score by sharing your highest score using the share button after game over. Dashing means attractive/adventurous/full of confidence, so play this game with confidence for an adventurous fly and make this attractive bird reach the new point.

Invite your friends to join the game now to have the opportunity to challenge your skills. It is great if you experience yourself adding to some other similar game genres like Hot Air Solitaire at https://pbskidsgames.games/ 

Instruction to play:

Use the Allow keys to play.